Online Concealed Carry Certification Course

Southern Ohio Tactical's Online CHL Course

Through a partnership with American Firearms Training & the Blazin’ Bullets Shooting Range, Southern Ohio Tactical is proud to offer the web-based hybrid course Ohio Defensive Handgun: Knowledge, Skills, & Law. This course gives you the ability to complete six of the Ohio-mandated eight hours of training over the internet. The final two hours will be completed at Blazin' Bullets' facility in Blanchester, Ohio, a few miles east of Cincinnati.

The total cost for the entire training program is only $99.99, including your range session.

To begin, click on the link at the bottom of the page. You will start with the first lesson of Ohio Defensive Handgun: Knowledge, Skills, & Law free of charge. After successful completion of the first lesson, you will have the opportunity to purchase the rest of the course, including your range session at Blazin' Bullets. The web-based course sections are:

Lesson One: Introduction to Handgun Safety*

The first lesson of the course is an introduction to many important firearms-related topics. Among these are general information of handgun operation, ammunition, firearms safety, and gun storage.

*You will have the opportunity to purchase the rest of the course and your range session after the first lesson.

Lesson Two: Federal and Ohio Firearms & Self-Defense Law

Lesson two of the web-based portion of the course is an in-depth discussion of the relevant Federal and Ohio laws related to firearms ownership and carriage. Included topics are when and where the armed citizen can carry, how to legally transfer a handgun, your rights as an armed citizen, and legal best practices should you be involved in a self-defense shooting. The second lesson is taught by one of Ohio's premiere gun law attorneys.

Lesson Three: Defensive Handgun Use and Conflict De-Escalation & Resolution

The third lesson of the course covers several topics related to self-defense tactics, marksmanship, and the resolution of tense situations in a non-violent manner. Additionally, you will hear from an Emergency Room Physician and a Psychologist, as they cover the physiological and psychological effects of a high-stress self-defense situation. The lesson concludes with live-action self-defense scenarios, designed to allow you to see what you have learned in a realistic context.

Lesson Four: Review of Ohio's Concealed Carry Pamphlet

Lesson four covers the Ohio Attorney General's publication, which discusses duties of a Concealed Handgun Licensee, among other topics.

Lesson Five: ASK In-Person Range Certification

* At the end of the web portion of the AFT course, you will be prompted to sign up for a range certification session at Select Fire on a date and time that works with your schedule.

You may pause your progress through the web-based portion of the course after each section, or about every 20 minutes, in order to make it work with your schedule.

The above web portion of the course takes an Ohio-mandated six and a half hours, and the in-person range session will last a few minutes over two hours, per state regulations.

AFT ShootSafe Certified Instructors are ready to make your in-person range qualification session at Blazin' Bullets a safe and enjoyable one.

Get a $5 discount using code FR1001, then, once you complete the online course contact Fred Romano at or call (513) 237-9423 to set a time convenient for you to complete the 2 hour range portion of the training.

Call Southern Ohio Tactical Training Today at (513) 237-9423 to Enroll in the Next Available Class